Why would someone choose a mutual fund over an etf?

The main advantage of mutual funds that cannot be found in ETFs is variety. There are a virtually unlimited number of mutual funds available for all different types of investment strategies, levels of risk tolerance, and asset types, including Gold IRA investments. Both ETFs and mutual funds come with integrated diversification. However, the differences are in the fees, commissions, and other costs associated with your choice. And in these aspects, ETFs have an advantage over mutual funds.

They also have an advantage in terms of tax efficiency, helping to reduce their overall tax burden. Investors love mutual funds and ETFs because of the way they distribute money in the stock market. This reduces your risks and prevents you from investing in a single stock, which can hurt you if the company falls into recession. ETFs tend to be passively managed, while mutual funds tend to be actively managed.

ETF fees are usually lower than mutual fund fees.